Minggu, April 03, 2011

brave new world

let me start this post by saying a line which is usually placed in the end of a story.
here we go..

so here I am.
come to a place that I've been planed before. zhengzhou, china.

with such a fantastic journey (excess bagage, a trolly guy who helped us at the guangzhou airport, cabin food, etc) finally we got here, at SIAS International University.

it's actually spring, but still, heavy cold wind, rain and snow makes me feel cold all the time.

including today,
we run across the university with snow falling in our (new) umbrella.

well,, I'm officially becoming a total stranger.
people speaks with a language that I don't know.
they don't understand what I'm talking about.
I feel weird with the portion and the taste of the foods here.
I was confuse with the kiblat.
I take wudhu with heated water because of the extreme weather.

but luckily,
I can make friends well with the chinese people.
they help me to order food and buy daily needs.
they explain to me about the good place to eat delicious foods.

and now,
let me finish this post by saying a line which is usually placed in the beginning of a story

and I get more excited than before.
so, here I am, a brave new world.

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