Jumat, Juli 29, 2011

friends to dance

hei, people..
this time,, let me show some more photos of my skating friends.
it's on the day when they had performance.
location: in front of the office building of SIAS International University.

rise your hands!

prepare for a wheel-feet

spin, spin and spin!
*this is my favorite pose. ;)

and say cheers! :)

Rabu, Juli 27, 2011

criminally talk and truth

mungkin aku belum pernah bilang ini, tapi Rfx, my partner in crime,, lagi di chongqing dalam rangka penugasan AIESEC. so,, at least me and my partner in crime is in the same big country..

dan lagi-lagi, dia melakukan tugasnya sebagai pemberi "blind truth" terbaik yang aku kenal. kenyataan tragis, pahit, atau kejam,, bisa dia sampaikan dengan sangat ringan dan menyenangkan. uh oh.

sampai pada sesi "talk and truth with partner in crime".

dimulai dengan cerita-ceruta galau ku tentang "ghost of boyfriend past", yang entah kenapa aku masih susah buat get over dari semua ini. sedangkan si ghost of boyfriend past malah dengan ganteng dan bahagianya udah bisa flirting ke cewek-cewek diluar sana yang lebih cantik, modis, dan .... SO WHAT?

ok, the truth is: I still can't get over from my unbelievably hard past relationship. but the past boyfriend already get over very well in a tricky way!

I was so down, until my partner in crime said another blind truth:
"cak,, wake up!! dia bener-bener nggak ingin sama kamu lagi! he really wants to forget you. you're still 18. eh salah, you're still 19. so don't waste your time, energy and mind. masa depanmu itu masih jauh."

thanks, phix.
I'll face what's in front of me in a funny, twisted way. like I always do.

because when you want to fight,
fight brave!

the wind-catcher

summer is hot. as well as my feet.

I have a new love to chase for: in-line skating.

after the hard old era of my past ex-boyfriend, now it’s my time to chase what’s really mine.

even though it’s still hard for me to put my mind off from the ghost of boyfriend past.

and unluckily, today I felt my mood is not very fun: being sad, disappointed, angry, and jealous at the same time. uhh„ so awful feelings.

thus tonight, at 9 pm, I decided to go skating by myself.

so, I put on my shoes and play my favorite song. then I was swinging and dancing under the moonlight, feel the cool wind in my face and around my arms. and as I move my feet, I feel happier and better. I felt the breeze, sang a song, move again, and smile.. :)

it was a great night. only me, my shoes, and the moon.

there are many shortcuts to be happy, and skating is one of them.

while I finished my very own session of “dancing under the moonlight”, I saw many lovers (gahh!!) holding hands each other and smiling, flirting, and all the boyfriend-girlfriend thingy.

and I looked back at myself and say “I am jealous?”

surprisingly, me myself said “hell no!”

I’m not jealous of them who could hold to their boyfriend’s hands, or doing lovey dovey„

because I held my shoes, my magic shortcut.

Senin, Juli 25, 2011

hello, skating!

hei, folks..

after a (long) while I didn't write anything here, finally I had a c
hance to let my fingers dance and follow the music inside my head. it's firstly because I opened youtube.com, and intended to watch Good Charlotte covering sm*sh's "I heart you" on Java Rockin' Land. and miraculously, my freegate is not error!

*kalo buat nonton yg gak mutu aja,, freegate nya lancar.. -__-

so, here I am,, to spill the latest crush happened in my life.

now, I have my new crush: in-line skating.

after several days I learn to play it,
with lots of efforts, bruised, sweats and laughs,,
I officially put skating as my new love and passion.

let's leave the old dusty ex-boyfriend things behind,
and run (with my skating shoes on) to the bright blue chapter of this life w
hich is full of drama.

that's my new pair of shoes: SEBA. :)
thanks to my parents who gave me extra budget to afford those pair of cool shoes.
I love you, parents.. :*

I love my skating friends here. they're just like my own family here.

with friends like this, who needs armies? ;)

Minggu, Juli 17, 2011

let me tell you something..

if you want to make your dreams come true,
the first thing you have to do is to wake up.

- F

let me tell you something..

I'm proud of my heart.
it's been played, burned, and broken,
but it still works.

- F
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