Senin, Desember 05, 2011


di int'l students dorm ini, seperti di tempat lainnya, banyak menyimpan cerita cinta.
love stories, crushes, or whatever it is, always intrigue people.

I found many lovers here.
and each of them has different story, background and style.
each of it has its own uniqueness, like the person itself.

let's call her A.
she is in the long distance relationship with her prince charming. a thousand miles away from each other, with thousand faith, smiles, struggles and tears. I can see how A loves him. because each month, A always prepare for the most breath-taking surprise and gift for her boyfriend far way there. no matter how hard it is to contact him. and do you know, she's the shiniest star here in this university, everybody proud of her; from the chairman of SIAS, until the unknown stranger. she's so beautiful and lovely, everybody loves her. ahh,, he should not make her cry. she is one of the most faithful girl I ever know.

and I know B.
again, long-distance relationship. but daily texts, calls, and internet chat cannot guarantee that everything's gonna be alright. there's a love, there's a problem. still I can see her with tears on her face because of him. who said long distance is easy?

let's move to another room, and there lives C.
this girl, fall in love with the boy-next-door, D.
C and D are from different countries. but love crosses boundaries. they know that sooner or later, they will go back to their own countries. maybe not going to see each other anymore. but still, they keep their love alive. "until time do us apart" ?

whatever love story you have right now, whether it's in pain, despair, struggle, blossom, or anything,, just make your heart stronger.

because true love never runs smooth.

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