Rabu, Mei 05, 2010

an open letter

I know,,
I'm not the best girl you've ever got.

I'm just me.
a girl
who cannot always give the best for you,
who does many mistakes - intended and unintended,
who cannot always make you happy or proud,
who disappoint you many times,
who cannot make you trust or believe in me.

but this is what I am.

when one day you said that you would take it all along with a little part of my goodness.

I just want you to believe in me,
trust all of the things that I said to you, including all of those love words that I've said.
I just want you to believe in me,
take it all seriously, including all the good things that I've done for you, just for you.
I just want you to believe in me,
that I have a heart too.

even it's an ugly heart which is already broken and full of scars, but with this heart, I'm trying to be better on every single day.

and thank you,
for giving me thousand chances after all of the bad times.
for giving me love that big.
for giving me anything. anything.

until one day that I realized,,
you're too good to a girl like me.

I'm not that good.
and you deserve someone who is better than me.
then I do believe that you'll find 'that' someone.

and I keep trying to be a better person, as you told me.
and keep holding on.

thank you very much, gorgeous. my only one.

8 komentar:

  1. my beloved lady. .
    i'll be waiting for you. .
    do your best. .
    and show it to me. .n_n

  2. @raushan: ilmu ikhlas? well,, still learning. dan susah banget ikhlas menerima kenyataan bahwa aku punya temen kayak kamu. hwahahahha.
    kewan uyeeee!

  3. @shandy: surely. dan kamu juga, do your best. I also wait for you. :)

  4. kowe ki ngomong opo tho? HAHAHA.. ini buat papi? mami? atau cowok?

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