Senin, Juli 25, 2011

hello, skating!

hei, folks..

after a (long) while I didn't write anything here, finally I had a c
hance to let my fingers dance and follow the music inside my head. it's firstly because I opened, and intended to watch Good Charlotte covering sm*sh's "I heart you" on Java Rockin' Land. and miraculously, my freegate is not error!

*kalo buat nonton yg gak mutu aja,, freegate nya lancar.. -__-

so, here I am,, to spill the latest crush happened in my life.

now, I have my new crush: in-line skating.

after several days I learn to play it,
with lots of efforts, bruised, sweats and laughs,,
I officially put skating as my new love and passion.

let's leave the old dusty ex-boyfriend things behind,
and run (with my skating shoes on) to the bright blue chapter of this life w
hich is full of drama.

that's my new pair of shoes: SEBA. :)
thanks to my parents who gave me extra budget to afford those pair of cool shoes.
I love you, parents.. :*

I love my skating friends here. they're just like my own family here.

with friends like this, who needs armies? ;)

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