Selasa, November 17, 2009

after all this time..

I have a story for you. so please prepare your popcorn and soda, make
yourself comfortable, and listen well.
once upon a time, there lived a girl named ica. on her 14th year of
life, she got a class, being a freshman. on one place, she felt so all
alone because she lost her friends. and that made her being such an
awful girl who afraid to make a deep friendship with other. many people
think she's a weird girl. it's worse even more, because she was not
good at any lesson except the language course. but she's weird after

at this point,
she felt so all alone, isolated, irritated, sad, and rather depressed.
but fortunately, she's good making friends with people and having a
good sense of humor :)

so slowly,
she started making friends more intense with others.

and 3 years later,
she got the same thing like in the freshmen year. feeling lonesome and

but after deep talk with a friend of hers,
she could finally realize something.

that friendship is not about thinking. it's not about getting what we
want and being so egoistic. it's not a mafia or yakuza group which
there is a leader and follower.

friendship is about to give and take. it's different from business
which counting profit and loss or balance sheet. it's about sharing and
completing each other. like a band said, friendship is all for one and
one for all. it's the second place after family, who make us being men.
better ones.

even our friends are from various backgrounds, characters, and
abilities, but it all melts in one pot called friendship.

lesson for you,,
take care of your friends. close friends, best friends, classmates, old
friends, or whatever the kinds of it. not by trying to keep it and hold
it tight until your hands feel burned. but by letting them free. and
understand each other. it is just like when you hold sands in your
hands. if you keep it too hard and too tight, it will loose from your
hand. but if you hold it carefully and calm, you could keep all of it.
until the end.

do your best to show them how much you love them,
before you regret all.

and about ica,
now she's having the great friends. old friends, classmates, best
friends, close friends and new friends. about boyfriend? well, she
still have none. but that's not important. ;)
and ica remember something said by her friend-slash-lovely-sister,
named tika. she said, "you're like a sun. have your own orbital,
standing alone in the center, and yet always influence surrounds you by
what anything you do, say, or even think about. your gravity makes the planets around you roam around yourself. but the bad thing is,
sometimes you don't even realize that."

here the story ends. no, there's no 'happily ever after' in her story.
it's just the end of chapter #1130.

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