Senin, November 16, 2009

If You Want to be Honest; Sing.

people say that if you want to be honest, just sing.

that's being such a relieve for me whenever I need to speak a little honest to people around me about my feelings. as you know, guys. it's hard for me to be honest about my feelings to others (oh really?) ;)

yes, yes, I confess that it's so easy for me to speak out bout what I feel. hahha.

so that's why I put that music box up there so I could show you some of great songs and my somewhat feelings :)

songs could show you about the person's personality.

and I want you to share about your favourite songs, and the story behind :)
so please,,
just let me know.

spill it!! spill it!!
let me know you deeper. just tell me by your comment.

and let's sing together!! :D

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