Jumat, Agustus 12, 2011

"The force is with you, young Skywalker, but you are not a Jedi yet."

it's been several nights I have my awful insomniac nights. you know the feeling when you lay on the bed but can't sleep, just curling and flipping your body, good things come in mind which make you unable to sleep because of the excess of happiness and bad things come in mind which make you unable to sleep too because it's depressing. I feel like an ill owl.

there has been many stories written about girls; completely packed with the gossips, theirs boys, dreams, fashion, jealousy and many others.

recently, this 19-year-old girl feel a new color in life, something related with girls.

I have a friend. she's a girl. and we spend many times together.
and there's once in time when me and this girl hanging out together a lot and suddenly there was something crossed in my head. it was seemly ended up in my head to compare myself with her. yes, it's a silly 19-year-old girl thingy.

and,, there came feelings when I was with her, I felt like darth vader who's standing beside sunshine barbie. not only about the appearances and costumes, but also in the life scene also. miss.darth vader with her real-life star trek scenarios and miss.sunshine barbie gets her lovely barbie-world family, ken, haouse, and everything nice, just like a bedtime story for little girls.

darth vader.
from the star wars movies

and miss sunshine barbie.

notice the differences? everybody does.

it slightly gives a bit of thinking when you were like a darth vader standing next to miss.sunshine barbie all the time, which she's so irresistible for everybody.

but then,
that's not the point.

every girl is born beautiful - in their own ways.
they have their own life, not to be compared with to any other person.
you don't have to be another person to be interactive. you don't have to imitate or pretend to be somebody else.
your own way is more genuine and ultimate for yourself.

you're beautiful in your own unique, interesting way.
trust me. ;)

and for my last words,
let me just quote one of the famous darth vader's sayings:

"you don't know the power of the dark side!"

kiss kiss ;)

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