Rabu, Agustus 10, 2011

my superman is dead

the tittle of this post is not referring to the name of a rock band.
it infers the superman, as in the super man.

ok, I think we get it.

my superman is dead. for me.

all the left for me now is just the clark kent. the normal citizen who I might not know.

I used to love my superman, and my love to him is just like a black hole; it's infinite divided by zero. but when it's done, love is just like a sick wound. I feel a real pain, I think I'll die, but eventually I'll recover well - with scars which I can never erase, which prove that I'm still alive.

the process of being recovered itself is not easy. I was holding on to the pain because it's all I have left. but I don't have to. I have a choice.

and being recover in love,
it doesn't mean I was hanging out with some random guys or any other kinds of revenge to my pain. I need to realize that he's still part of me, and always be. it's a fact, and I cannot deny it. I'll just accept that fact and move on.

and remember,
happy girls are pretty girls..

kiss kiss ;)

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