Selasa, Januari 12, 2010

about those infamous four-lettered word again

a friend of mine asked me something..

"do you have a type of guy you go for?"

and I said,,

"I'm not interested in good looks. if it happens, perfect. but really, good looks will fade for me. I fall in love with nerdier guys. I like the funny guys. I like the smarter ones with bold personality and great attitude.. a guy who just knows how to have fantastic conversation and who can expand my perspective and can tech me things. I'm a sponge - I like to absorb everything."

and I remembered that, from all the precautions in this world, the precautions in love is perhaps the most fatal.

that's why people so much struggle for the one they love. and take the pain with them.

and I also remember a good phrase,
if you couldn't have the one you love, just love the ones you have. that's so much better.

I remember the days when I had my WORST broken heart moment. pathetic and and total hurting.
one of my best sisters said, "seriously, your heart is full of scars, cakk.."

I know. that's true. awfully true.

that's why now I'm afraid to love a guy.

I fall in love every time. and I don't really fall in love a lot, but when I do, I fall HARD.
I put myself through extreme torture when it comes to love.

I've lived such a great, fantastic life already, but there's still so much more.

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