Kamis, Januari 07, 2010

another sleepless night


as always.


actually I was on my bed and decided to sleep.

until I found myself full of energy (oh, still?) and happiness.
and my head seems to explode, because I have so many ideas and ideas and more ideas. so I decided to take my time with my notebook to do some somewhat writing.

and I guess I need to hug someone here, to share my happiness. but at this time, nobody is awake. :)


hugs and kisses for you all.

3 komentar:

  1. Aq masi bangun hahaha


  2. @ hapz :
    kamu anak malam juga? hahahha.
    berita utama: insomnia melanda anak-anak tld.

    ternyata memang banyak banget anak sekolah kita yang hobi begadang. kira-kira kenapa, ya?

    apa ada hubungannya sama madas? hahahaha.

    thanks for coming, hapz. :)

  3. Enggak tp ngerjain tgs ama nge game jd begadang blh begadang kalo tiada arti nya hahaha


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