Senin, Desember 21, 2009

game over

it was three nights that I dreamt about death. MY death.

first, I was died by having a shot on my back. second, by earthquake (or some kind of 2012-like). third, by falling from the stairs. 3 lifes were lost, and I still have 6 other lifes, if I were a cat. :p
and after those nightmares, I woke up. and laughed. that's weird, no? have you ever seen a girl, having a 3 times died-nightmares and laughing after it? or should I say, I was R.I.P in my dreams. No, it's not Rest In Peace. it's Rest In Popularity. :p

I was frightened if I really lost all my time to live in. You know, nothing in this world is worst than losing a life. it means, all should be stopped. I mean, ALL! it's when you lose your time to do good things. it's time when all the bad things you've done will be reconsidered and drag you to hell (maybe).

there are so many ways to the death. some people are afraid to go by plane or ship, just because they are afraid if the ship or plane would explode or sink or fall, and they are all died. that's silly reason.
and some other people are afraid to go outside just because there are many dangerous things outside which could make them die.
and there are some others who are afraid to eat candies. just because thay are afraid to get choked and die. :p

there was an old man who died while he was only sitting in his couch.
and there was a young woman who died because of car accident.

it is a very simple method to die. whatever the way is.

let's change the topic. from death to life.

life itself for me,
is just like a long road with a sign of "no escape" and "no turning back".

that's why I'm always trying my best to seize every moment I live in.
and make every second counted.

live your best life :)

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