Selasa, Desember 29, 2009

sleepless. breathles..

another sleepless night. as always. this bad habit has become such a routine thing for me, since I was a high school student. and my friends called me "the nocturnal girl". not a good thing to be proud of, though.. :p

after had a midnight bottle (like Colbie Caillat's song). and a midnight call from my friend ;) ,,
I couldn't sleep more. so here I am, taking my time to do some somewhat writing while listening to Monkey Majik's songs. I always love their songs.

these days,
people seems like wanting some more from me. more of this and that. here and there. tiring.

some people try to be good, but some don't.
don't hate me just because I can do more than you.
don't hate me just because I can do many things and you can't.
don't hate me just because I have better deals and you don't.
don't hate me just because I am me.
some love me, others don't.
but whatever.
I don't care if they hate me. because I don't like them either.
and I have more important business to do.

let's move into another bubbling-thing of mine. let's talk about love. oh yea. those famous 4-letter words.

three years ago,
I was in the middle of night -like this-, and wondering what "he" was doing over there. (I don't know why I put apostrophe over there)

I usually do silly things when I'm in love, and curse myself for doing those things. such as: bugging by texting, being such a terrorist, say silly things, silly expressions, silly laugh, and many more.


I'm being so silly.

but I guess,,
it's time for my cold-heart to play its role.
bye bye, love-boy. better I say "no" before it makes me broken heart. or making me more silly than this.

whatever the way I choose, love still hurts. :)

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