Sabtu, Desember 19, 2009

tea, anyone?

here I am, after having accounting class with Pak Rudi, sitting under the pale afternoon sky and drinking cold tea from the bottle. so, while you're listening me bubbling, would you like some tea, anyone? ;)

ah-nee-wayy, it's a long time since I haven't updated this blog yet. I was being such a busy bee these days. busy with assignments, promises and sleeping. I guess it's time for me to take my sneakers again and do some sports. I'm being like Garfield; having big slouchy abs, eating lasagna and has orange fur ;)

as you know, guys. I went to KL for some days. it's unpredictably fun and great!! I mean, it's unbelievable.
since I got special invitation to have dinner a table with rectors and deans of 2 universities.
and had Czech-language chatting with Mr.Ibrahim Zein, the dean of ISTAC.
got award for the youngest presenter.
got killer-heels from vincci.
got great books from kinokuniya (or whatever it names, since it's hard to spell).
got great talking-time with prof.dibyo.
got great time with my friends and lecturers.
got many precious things.

I was being the only girl student among 6 other guys, yet the youngest. feels like having 6 brothers - or 6 bodyguards? :p
angga, dian sandi, damas, anindita, jenggis and febrian.

and not forget to mention my other great friends there; haris, ghani, and vidjaz. I miss the time we were having dinner together. I would give anything I have to back to that time, subsequently It was REALLY a great time with you, guys.. :(
*hyperbolic style: activated*

I have great time with them, even they mostly left me alone and asked me to wash their dishes (the 6 boys did). the lecturers came along too. my favorite lecturers, name it Pak Mashudi (our daddy), Pak Heru (our beloved one), Pak Iwan (our lovely one), Pak Endrio, Pak Ruli, Pak Ichsan, and many more. oh, also there were Bu Indah, Bu Eko, Mbak Novi, Mbak Yuni, and many more.

anyway, I really love the architecture of ISTAC's buildings. that's absolutely awsome. feels like playing classical music all the time. :)

but still,,
can't get enough to say that I really miss that great time. I really miss my friends there; haris, ghani and vidjaz. let's have a dinner together again someday :)

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